Customer Relationship Management is the core of the system, and it makes sure that you have all the vital information about your customers, employees and others. Complete overview of all communication with each client, includes mails, phone calls, sent offers and invoices. Easy and powerful, ready to grow with you.

Integrated e-mail system

This fully integrated e-mail system will help you communicate with your clients with a key stroke. Completely integrated with you contact list, making it easy to see all communication history of each client and for customer service to get a complete overview of the communication. You can always save new contacts with just a click, directly from the e-mail. All you need from a professional e-mail system.


Invoicing has never been easier, and you get all the functions you have been dreaming about. All features are synchronized, making it simple to add products to a new invoice and at the same time makes sure that your stock is up to date. The system lets you choose between sequential invoicing with the intervals of your choice, or you can handle it manually. The system will send the invoice and remind the customers if unpaid automatically. All you need to do is register payments.


This professional calendar helps organize your everyday activities in a simple and sophisticated way. It includes drag&drop function and color classification on your scheduled tasks, making it easy to organize and orientate within your calendar. Set reminders and mark all your activities as private or public depending on what you would like your collages to see. This will create a company calendar which will give everyone a complete overview of what is happening and when people are available. The SmartTime function will automatically recommend the best alternative for a meeting, with the selected participants in the company.


This provides valuable information regarding the status of; invoices, customers, important dates from calendar and statistics of sales. Get a complete overview of all the key elements in the company and at the same time you have the opportunity to customize the data that is important for you.

Storage & security

Our services are operated in the data center at TIER 3 + and its physical security ensures uninterrupted service and monitoring, CCTV, redundancy (increasing reliability) at all levels including hardware. All data are stored safely in our cloud service.


This cloud based system makes it easy and flexible to access your vital data from any computer or tablet, no matter where you are in the world. Say goodbye to local installation and the need to bring your own hardware with you.

Automated processes

Our system takes CRM to the next level with new automated features such as invoicing, reminding customers of their unpaid invoices, upcoming meetings and important dates. It will only notify you if something needs your attention, which allows you to focus on developing your business.


Add your products to the product list, including both purchasing price and selling price. There is even room for EAN code and picture if you would want that. Integrated with the invoice system so that the product specifications will automatically pop up when you start adding it to the invoice.

Go green

Canopy office aim to minimize the amount of papers on your desk. Everything can be done electronically, if you wish. Invoices, offers and reminders are sent automatically on e-mail, which reduces the shipping cost and saves the environment. Easy and convenient for everyone.